Siangpure Oil

Q : Do both Siangpure Oil labels share the same formula?
A : They both share the exact same formula and product indications, you can use either one of them.

Q : Then why are there 2 different names?
A : The reason comes from two different types of product registration and limitations of the Thai FDA which states that if a product has to be registered with 2 different registration numbers of any reasons, the product name can’t be duplicated.

“Siangpure Oil Formula I” has been registered as a traditional medicine, a general herbal product which can be sold in every type of retail format. (Registration no. G81/49)
“Siangpure Oil” has been registered as a modern medicine (External, topical use only) which can be sold only in pharmacies with a pharmacist present. (Registration no. 2A 668/30)

Q : Why are the indications on the labels different?
A : In accordance wiht the Thai FDA, not only do the ‘traditional medicine’ and the ‘modern medicine’ have different guidelines and regulations but the regulations can vary from year to year. Hence, there are some variatons on the labels in order to comply with each year’s regulations and its corresponding categories.

“Siangpure Oil Formula I” label states the following product indications: Relief of headache, dizziness, muscle pains, sprains and itches from insect bites
“Siangpure Oil” label states the following product indications: Inhale to relieve of headache, dizziness and faint. Rub over to relieve muscle pains, sprains, cramps, bruises, soreness, and itches from insect bites


“Although the product indications on the labels are different, but in reality, the formula of the oil inside remains the same, thus both sharing the same product benefits and usage.”

"Siangpure, is Thailand's number one medicated oiland Thailand's leading herbal brand exported all over the world.Our ancient herbal recipe has been trusted by consumers for more than 60 years.Each and every bottle produced with an international manufacturing standard of GMP/PICs"