Siangpure Oil, your hiking buddy.

Q : Is Siangpure Oil leech repellent?
A : Clove is an ingredient in Siangpure Oil which contains substances with anesthetic properties. When you're being bitten by leeches, just place a few drops on them, the leeches will be numbed and let go of the bites


Q : Why should you apply Siangpure Oil after being bitten by a leech?
A : Because the ingredients in Siangpure Oil contain medicinal substances that reduce blood flow, resulting in less bleeding. Additionally, there is a process of self-healing on people skins in general as well.


"That is why hikers and trail runners love carrying Siangpure Oil along with them"

"Siangpure, is Thailand's number one medicated oiland Thailand's leading herbal brand exported all over the world.Our ancient herbal recipe has been trusted by consumers for more than 60 years.Each and every bottle produced with an international manufacturing standard of GMP/PICs"

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